Lugano, Switzerland
June 9 June 9, 2010
Wednesday morning we had a chaotic time catching the ferry , which first took us back to Varenna, then to Menaggio, where we disembarked the ferry and boarded a Post Bus, the famous Swiss national system that connects the smallest villages in order to provide transportation to people without cars. While on the bus, we saw the mountain called San Salvatore, which we were at the top of in 2004. The Lugano promenade and lakefront were beautiful, and since it was summer the lake was warm enough for recreation (in a pedalo), and even swimming.
  June 10
June 10, 2010
Thursday morning we scouted the Embarcadero, admired the Water Jet and admired the lakefront and booked a tour boat. The tour of the lake was beautiful, with lakefront estates, churches, and villages. The highlight was our stop in Morcote, where we stopped for lunch with a view of the lake. Then it was time to climb up the hill to the Santa Maria del Sasso, a church overlooking the lake and the town. We took some nice pictures of Denise and the lake. Here's a shot looking up the steep steep hillside.
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