Milan and Bellagio, Italy
June 7 June 7, 2010
Monday morning we got a lift to the Levanto train station, northbound for Lake Como. We stopped for a few hours in Milan to take in the famous Duomo and surrounding area. Public transportation included subways, trollies, and bicycles without chains. Back on the train, we continued north to Varenna on the east shore of Lake Como, where we jumped on a ferry for the short trip to Bellagio, which lies in the center of the lake, on a penninsula. The waterfront of Bellagio was picturesque, and better than the Las Vegas version. We checked into the Hotel Suisse, an economy job with a great view. Within a few minutes of arrival, we were relaxing at a sidewalk cafe.
  June 8
June 8, 2010
On Tuesday we laid low in Bellagio. There was quite a fog. Neil found an internet cafe and a camera store that helped him backup his camera chip to a DVD. The lakefront is lined with mulberry trees, left over from when silkworms were raised here during the 18th century. We walked along the narrow streets and admired the colorful buildings. We saw a house that looked like a church and a real church up on the hill called Basilica di San Giacomo. Apparently they get ample rainfall because the vegetation and gardens were lush and green. It seemed yellow was a favorite color for buildings, and there were many beautiful piazzas and promenades.
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