Turin, Italy
Flyaway Bus May 28, 2010
We took the Flyaway shuttle from Irvine to LAX, then discovered we were minus Denise's green card, and the airline would not let her fly without it. So we checked our luggage, then we hired a taxi and made the round trip to San Clemente and back in time to pick up our boarding passes and catch our flight, which was running 45 minutes late. Before boarding our 747, Neil caught his first glimpse of an in-service Airbus A380. This double decker airline was developed in Toulouse, France, and when we lived there for 3 months in 2006 we saw it making test flights on a regular basis. At Frankfurt Germany, we enjoyed some authentic Frankfurters before continuing on to Turin.

May 29
May 29, 2010
We checked into our hotel in Turin, then went for a walk, hoping to get dinner before the jetlag hit us. We were very lucky to find a restaurant that would serve us some salads before the official dinner hour arrived. Denise negotiated this huge sampler of salads, all of which were delicious. The streets of Turin were full of pedestrians. The area by the river was home to a diversity of architecture spanning hundreds of years. The old area of town was near the River Po, which was accessible to pedestrians via a park along the bank of the river. Another gesture to pedestrians was the preservation of the arches spanning between the buildings along the main promenade.
May 30, 2010
Sunday morning we took another walk through Turin. The colorful apartments behind our hotel were typical of the city's apartments. There were many pedestrian streets, especially with the Italian Mercato going on this particular day. The most well known monument in Turin is the Mole Antonelliana with the Fibonacci numbers ascending the dome. The famous Shroud of Turin had been on display a few days before we got there, but no doubt the lines would have been too long anyway. We felt like we got the feel of Turin in the 24 hours we were there, but wouldn't mind exploring it in more depth some day. We checked out of our hotel, and with our luggage in tow, took the underground to the Train Station, and headed for the coast.
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