Neil and Denise on the Italian Riviera...
August 27 August 27, 2004
The Milan train station was our first stop in Italy. We changed trains on our way to Santa Margherita, proud hometown of Christopher Columbus. The Hotel Fiorina had a great view of a piazza. There were several prominent churches scattered through the town. We relaxed on the local beach, then explored south to another cove. That evening we had our first Italian meal on the seafront promenade, which was bustling with Friday's nightlife.

August 28
August 28, 2004
We took a short boat ride to Portofino, a tiny harbor where rich people love to park their yachts alongside the well-preserved dories. In the upper right corner, above the dory, you can see the small chapel where Denise's sister Sibylle and Daniel were married. We stepped inside to view the alter. Before boarding the boat for our return trip, we enjoyed refreshments overlooking the harbor.
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