Neil and Denise in Rome...
August 29 August 29, 2004
From the train station in Rome, we trekked past monuments and architecture like Neil had never seen in his life. Our Hotel Margutta was two steps away from this view of Piazza del Popolo and just as close to the Fountain of the Old Boat and the Spanish Steps. Denise relived a fond memory, eating chestnuts roasted on an open fire, then we headed south toward the Fountain of Trevi. As dusk settled on Rome, we found a medieval restaurant that happened to serve great food.

August 30
August 30, 2004
At dawn, Neil explored the Santa Maria del Popolo from Angels and Demons. Throughout Rome we found Egyptian donations cheerfully accepted by the Catholic Church. Passing the ruined colosseum of Caesar Augustus, we made our way to the Tiber River, and the Castel Sant'Angelo appeared nearby the Basilica of St. Peter. We had a snack in St. Peter's Square, built around an obelisk of course! Then we took the underground metro to the Colosseum. We viewed the Pantheon and several other marvels as we walked back north. This Bernini elephant carried yet another Egyption obylisk.
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