Sports and leisure in Toulouse

The French only seem to be working for their leisure time and Toulouse is the best example of this attitude: wherever we go we come accross some nice parks, public sporting arenas, pools and other leisurely equipment. We can only imagine how much must be going on in this city the minute the temperatures are getting a little warmer! And of course, the river Garonne and the Canal du Midi are also inviting for some fun activities such as bicycling and boating!

Trust us, we can't wait for it to become warmer and for Spring to arrive here in Toulouse! It will be a whole different city!

The next best thing that the city offers are probably the bicycles. The city supports the use of bicycles to reduce traffic and provides nice bike paths throughout the whole city and its vicinities. On top of it all, the city has facilities that rent bicycles for about $2/day or $20/month. And many locals seem to be taking advantage of this deal as well, not just the tourists! I like bicycling around town and doing my erances this way instead of taking the car, looking for a parking space and rushing into the stores. It feels so much more relaxed and peaceful to be bicycling around town!!

Another important local sport is the "petanque" or as we call it boccia ball. It is mostly a Sunday afternoon activity for the men and we found boccia alleys right next to a church (picture) or in public parks.

Neil's most exciting discovery is the weekly rollerblading event on Friday evening, starting at 9pm. Everybody meets on Place du Capitol and then cruises around the city. We have not yet had the chance to experience this event first hand but we are very much looking forward to it!

Meanwhile, we enjoy discovering the city on rollerblades by ourselves. Neil figured out, if the city provides enough separate lanes for bicycles there will for sure be enough space for him blading around as well! Our perfect way of transportation is Neil on the rollerblades and me on the bicycle.

It might surprise you that we have not yet found any Volleyball courts around here! True, we haven't really looked for any indoor possibilities but for sure we haven't stumbled on any sand courts! For all we know, we might totally forget how the game works by the time we get back home to California!!!

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