Getting to Zurich...
August 19 August 19, 2004
We loaded our luggage, including rollerblades, into Neil's truck and left Denise's apartment around 5pm Thursday afternoon. We actually enjoyed sitting in traffic during the drive to LAX, knowing that our vacation had begun. We arrived at the Hacienda Hotel around 7pm, and had a nice dinner at their old fashioned diner.

August 20
August 20, 2004
Our flight departed at 6am Friday morning. We had a 3-hour stopover at Dulles airport, where Denise took a nap and Neil enjoyed his last hamburger. Approaching Zurich, we flew over England and France. We had tried to sleep of course, but still the flight wiped us out! We landed at the airport in Kloten, just north of Zurich at 10am Saturday morning!
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